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JCI Manila’s BOAT sails anew with JCI Iloilo Ilang Ilang

Posted on September 8, 2017 by | 1 views

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By: Chairman Juan Carlo Valencia

JCI Manila joined forces with JCI Iloilo Ilang Ilang to get the Basic Offshore

Alternative Teaching (BOAT) project off the ground and into the sea.

Last July 16, 2017, JCI Manila donated a boat to the students of Brgy. Naburot,

San Dionisio Iloilo for their fast and convenient school transportation. Prior to the said

donation, the students would endure a 4-hour daily commute towards their school

located at the far side of their village.

Project Chairman Juan Carlo Valencia explained that “the BOAT project is now

on its third year and JCI Manila, in partnership with our sister chapter JCI Iloilo Ilang

Ilang, aims to continue this project until all the baranggays in Iloilo will be provided with

a fast and safe mode of transportation for the students to attend school. We also plan to

build small libraries for the children.”

The project also provided JCI Manila an opportunity to donate school and toiletry

supplies to the orphans of Don Bosco Home for Boys located in Dumangas, Iloilo.

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