JCI Manila Showed the World Why "Its More Fun in the Philippines"

On the 9th of June, JCI Manila teamed up with the five areas of JCI Philippines to show the world why it is more fun in the Philippines during the Philippine Night at the Asia Pacific Conference in Hong Kong.

Philippine night dominated JCI Manila's ASPAC Saturday as the day was spent preparing for the much-anticipated events. Ingress started in the morning, with the gentlemen hauling the materials needed to set up and decorate the 3/F Foyer of the L'Hotel Nina in true Filipino fashion. Fellow JCI members from all over the Philippines, including our sister LOs were also present to set up their respective booths and lend their assistance needed.

Finally, everything was in place and Philippine Night was in business. ASPAC delegates from overseas started coming in and experienced the famous Filipino hospitality.

They enjoyed the games that the JCI Philippines Areas set up in their booths, including the "tumbang preso" game with slipper-throwing, shooting balls with boxing gloves, popping balloons, limbo rock and pachinko. They could also have their photos taken with the photobooth set up for everyone.

JCI Manila also received support from the Department of Tourism, Cebu Pacific Air and San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong.

The DOT provided a thousand ecobags with the "It's More Fun in the Philippines" logo and allowed the use of that slogan on the attractive Philippine Night shirts worn by the delegates of JCI Philippines.

Cebu Pacufic provided games and giveaways, and flew in two of their famous dancing flight attendants, who wowed the crowd with the live version of their popular viral Internet video. The FAs also hosted "bring me" and singing games, and also gave away international plane tickets to lucky winners.

San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong provided 600 bottles of beer, which the JCI Manila barte ding delegates poured into cups, along with lambanog samplers for the thirsty delegates, the JCI Manila bar was so popular with the ASPAC delegates that the 600bottles of beer and 30 bottles of lambanog ran out before the Philippine night ended.

It was definitely an awesome Philippine night that one had to be there to fully feelhowitreallywas.

Text by pat the seng